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“Wenzhou Chinese Language & Culture Center for Foreign Nationals” Unveiled in WZU

    On September 22, 2021, the signing ceremony of setting up the "Wenzhou Chinese Language & Culture Center for Foreign Nationals", which is supported by both Wenzhou Foreign Affairs Office of Wenzhou Municipal People's Government and Wenzhou University, was held in Chashan International Creativity Space, Building 3 of North Campus, WZU. Lei Wendong, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, Zhou Huaizhong, Deputy Director, Sun Ling, Director of Friendship Association Office of Wenzhou Foreign Affairs Office, Ying Yonghong, Member of CPC Committee of Wenzhou Kean University, Wang Shun, Vice President of Wenzhou University, Huang Wenhao, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Wenzhou University, Ye Miao, Dean and Lin Aiju, Secretary of CPC CIE Committee of Wenzhou University, as well as teachers' representatives and students' representatives attended this signing ceremony, which was hosted by teacher Huang Yalin.

    Mr. Wang Shun extended a warm welcome to the guests and the representatives of teachers and students who attended the signing ceremony. He pointed out that, as the only comprehensive teaching and researching university in the north and east of Zhejiang Province, WZU has rich experience in Chinese language education, being active in spreading Chinese culture. We have committed to international education, to serving the needs of national strategies and regional international development, and vigorously expanding and integrating high-quality higher education resources at home and abroad. The school will spare no effort to run the "Wenzhou Chinese Language & Culture Center for Foreign Nationals" to improve the internationalization level of the school and help Wenzhou open up as a benchmark city.

    Mrs. Ye Miao made a report "Helping International Communication and Showing the Role of Universities in the New Era", introducing the work and achievements of CIE in Chinese language education and Chinese culture communication. For a long time, the College has actively committed to the internationalization development strategy of the university, and has been developing internal and external channels to enhance its international communication ability; building a platform for diversified activities to cultivate internet celebrities of international students; gathering the hearts of overseas Chinese to smooth the communication between China and the world, and continuously creating a colorful chapter of internationalization.

    Mr. Lei Wendong delivered a speech: In recent years, while more and more foreigners coming to Wenzhou to exchange, study, work and live, they are playing an active role in international trade exchanges, scientific and cultural cooperation, and city image promotion. Wenzhou has seen a rapid economic and social development and a continuous increase in the level of internationalization. Under the current severe situation of the epidemic, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Wenzhou Municipal People's Government and Wenzhou University have joined hands to build the Wenzhou Chinese Language & Culture Center for Foreign Nationals, providing a platform for foreigners in Wenzhou to learn Chinese language and culture. We hope to enable more foreign people to know and be friendly to China, and help to promote the internationalization level of Wenzhou city and the continuous improvement of international cultural soft power.

    Afterwards, Mr. Zhou Huaizhong and Mrs. Ye Miao signed the Agreement of building the Wenzhou Chinese Language & Culture Center for Foreign Nationals" on behalf of both parties. Mr. Lei Wendong and Mr. Wang Shun unveiled the plaque of "Wenzhou Chinese Language & Culture Center for Foreign Nationals".

    Mr. Ying Yonghong and Mrs. Ye Miao signed the cooperation agreement between Wenzhou University and Wenzhou Kean University on “Chinese Language and Culture Program for International Students and Foreign Teachers” on behalf of both parties.

    It is reported that activities organized by Wenzhou Chinese Language & Culture Center for Foreign Nationals include "Learning Chinese Language - Perceiving China" Chinese language and Chinese culture public welfare training courses, as well as various kinds of thematic speeches or competitions, etc. The first session of "Learning Chinese Language - Perceiving China" has started on September 22, 2021, with Chinese language courses and cultural experience as its main features.