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GOOD News! International Student Mope Wins Third Prize in Short Video Contest Sponsored by “Chinese Bridge”

In the newly concluded short video contest “Chinese Bridge: Chinese Spring Festival in My Eye”, Lesotho senior student THIPANA MOPE, majored in Chemical Engineering and Technology, won the third prize.  

  “Chinese Bridge: Chinese Spring Festival in My Eye” was part of the activities held by “Chinese Bridge” online to celebrate Chinese new year. It welcomes works from foreign youngsters and Chinese language learners who have great passion for Chinese culture, and want to share their experience in China, especially what they see and feel during the Spring Festival.


This contest totally received 119 works of 198 international students from 64 universities and colleges. Eventually, 16 of these works won a prize in the contest, with 6 gaining first, second and third prizes, and another 10 for award of excellence.


In her short video, Mope showed her journey to the She nationality town in Wencheng, Wenzhou, celebrating the spring festival with local people on 4th, February. She experienced local tradition activities for spring festival, such as rice cake making, bamboo pole dance. The video conveys the hospitality of local people, the joyful songs and dances, beautiful scenery, making audience feel happy as if they were enjoyed themselves there as Mope did.  


Knowing she won the prize, Mope was very happy and said that she wished to visit the town and local people once more, for she was deeply impressed by the beautiful landscape, creative artworks and interesting traditional cultural activities.

Guided by the educational philosophy of cultivating students to think from an international vision and fell in love with China, our college offers students with a variety of experiencing activities related to traditional festivals, like Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Mid-autumn Festival. These activities enable international students to know more about China, about Weznhou, and know more about Wenzhou university as well. And at the meantime, international students are enjoying themselves in these activities, recording them in short video to show others how much they love Chinese culture and how our college care for them.