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Campus Life

“Foreign Anchors and Anchorwomen” Visited Wenzhou Radio and Television Station

Together with starting organizer Michael, 20 odd international students, members of International Students Campus-Based Television(iSCB TV), an international students television of Wenzhou University, visited Wenzhou Radio and Television Station on the afternoon of March 24 for a learning and experiencing trip.

Wenzhou News Express anchorwoman Lingzi showed the new Command Room, the Studio Hall and outside Broadcast Van to our international students. And then, they came to the Network Broadcast Studio and the Virtual Studio for a further understanding of news-broadcasting. At the end of this trip, international students made a short video with Lingzi.

iSCB TV was started by Michael aiming to broadcast original news happening here in Wenzhou university(WZU), enabling international students to know more about WZU. At the same time, to open a window for people outside China to get more information about WZU, as well as Wenzhou city. Over the past one year, iSCB TV had published more than 40 news videos which were all written and shot originally by its members. And its member number has increased from four to more than twenty. Michael said that iSCB TV is going to develop two more columns, Crystal Clear and Campus Tour, offering a platform for iSCB TV and international students to know more about each other.