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Campus Life

A Caring Visit to International Students

    On the morning of April 30, together with all school counselors for international students, Fang Jianxiao, Deputy Party Secretary of CIE paid a caring visit to international students in D district of WZU.

    Since May Day holiday was coming, Fang asked students about their holiday plans. He hoped that they could enjoy themselves in their journeys. Meanwhile, make full use of the holiday time to learn Chinese language and professional knowledge, as well as to improve their comprehensive abilities. When regarding some dorms with bad sanitary conditions, he urged students to tidy the room as much as they can. A nice and clean environment not only makes one happy, but also makes one’s mind clear. Fang and school counselors also checked the security of the kitchen in the international students’ dormitory. They reminded students to use the electricity as stipulated, and be careful when they are cooking a meal not to hurt themselves.

    It is said that 197 international students are living in the D district. This visit is a security education for international students, urging them to keep a close eye on their life and property security, which will promote the establishment of a safe, civilized, and stable campus.