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International Students at WZU Received the COVID-19 Vaccine : Safeguard Oneself and Protect Others

On the afternoon of May 8, 2021, Overseas Students Education and Service Center brought international students to Health Service Center of Nanbaixiang community to receive the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Counselors of CIE helped to coordinate the whole process to make sure everything goes on smoothly.


     International student Broome Rachel Hannah from Barbados said: “This is so valuable an opportunity that I registered for the vaccine as soon as I saw the notice. I’d like to thank our university and Chinese government to offer this precious opportunities to us. And I want to tell other international students that don’t worry about the quality of the vaccine, China’s vaccine is totally safe and reliable.”

    International students Dube Kelvin Errol Tinashe from Zimbabwe said in fluent Chinese: “Chinese doctors are superb professional and very kind to international students. I thought the injection would hurt, but to my surprise I did not feel a thing after receiving the vaccine. Now I have more confidence in our university and also I am very grateful to it.”

    International student Jamjam Sitti Fatma Binti from Malaysia said: “I feel safe here in China, for the Chinese government is highly productive in preventing and controlling COVID-19, and now they offer people here inside China vaccine which could safeguard oneself and protect others at the same time.”

    Leaders of WZU attach great importance to the COVID-19 vaccination of international students. Overseas Students Education and Service Center worked closely together with other sections of WZU to ensure the vaccination process goes on successfully. It is said that the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for international students will be arranged in early June.