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Campus Life

WZU-CIE Dragon Boat Team won the Third Prize in the Youth Group of the Eighth Wenzhou City Dragon Boat Race

On the morning of May 29, the WZU-CIE dragon boat team won third prize in the 100-meter straight race of the 8th Wenzhou City Dragon Boat Race, becoming the only foreign student dragon boat team to win this prize.

This dragon boat team is composed of nine international students from Kenya, Angola, Zimbabwe, and other countries, among which three girls are the main players. The international students have shown great interest in this traditional Chinese sport  since they are familiar with the sport. They were not only actively signing up for the competition, but also actively preparing for it during the hot weather. In the beginning, there were 26 male and female student team members, but at last, only nine of them were chosen for the competition after a series of training.

The 100-meter straight dragon boat race is divided into two rounds. Each team needed to compete in two waterways respectively, and the ranking is determined by the sum of the results of the two rounds. THIPANA MOPE from Lesotho said, “Although we were a little nervous and worried about unstable rowing in the first round, we quickly adjusted our moods, caught up, and took an active part in the battle, and rewarded our training and efforts with the best results.”