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Campus Life

Police and School Work Together to Build a Security Firewall

On the morning of April 23, Zheng Yujun, Deputy Director of Ouhai District Public Security Bureau, Zhang Haimin, Brigade Chief of Ouhai District Immigration Management Brigade, and police officers Wang Zhuxing, Chen Xiaofei and Zheng Xi, visited our college to have an exchange of views on international students’ security.

During the meeting, Fang Jianxiao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC WZU-CIE Committee, introduced the general situation of the daily management of international students in our college, particularly the difficulties in tuition fee collection and detention of graduates in our college due to the pandemic. Zheng Yujun fully affirmed the meticulous work of our college and said that Ouhai Public Security will continue to do a good job in backing up the management of international students of Wenzhou University. He hoped that both the police and the university would raise their sense of responsibility and work together to sort out the main risks of security control, and then implement management measures to secure a safe campus environment for international students.

When it comes to the upcoming graduation season, there may be a new batch of graduates stranded because of the pandemic.We discussed with the police and decided to conduct a law popularization and education activity in mid-May to urge all students to comply with the Chinese Immigration Control Law and other related legal policies.