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International Students' Choir made its Debut in the Eighth "Tianrui Award" Student Art Show

Recently, the Choir of International Students organized by CIE participated in the 8th "Tianrui Award" Student Art Show and the selection of works for the 2021 Zhejiang Student Art Festival in the Concert Hall of North Campus. This is their first public show which is both wonderful and unique that amazed the teachers and students present and ushered in a burst of applause. KUFANDIKAMWE AUDREY, a law student from Zimbabwe, and EJUKWU IKECHUKWU, a student from Nigeria, together sang “Glory” which is also prepared for the Top Ten Singers Contest.

“Gū gū vō gì gū gū gìGū gū gì guéi yāng diō gì……” after a cheerful African folk song, the Choir performed a Hainan folk song “Long Time No See, Wish To See You Everyday”. Though this song is not written in standard Chinese, overseas students sang it in Hainan dialect accurately and with enough emotion to move the audience, receiving unanimous praise.

“Long Time No See, Wish To See You Everyday” is originated from villages of Li ethnic group and popular in Hainan Province. It has once been sang in Bo’ao Forum for Asia, meaning that China wishes to build friendship and make a better common future with countries in the world. Since March of this year, members of the International Student Choir has been practicing this song. From simple pronunciation, to intonation, movements and the cooperation of all students, everyone has put in great efforts. The song changed from mellifluous to cheerful, from male and female chorus to mixed chorus, all reflecting the profound meaning of cherishing the memory of one another.

It is reported that the International Student Choir was found in the March of this year, and its members are from more than 30 countries, including Zambia, Zimbabwe, and so on. With the help of Zeng Chunling from municipal Culture Center, they learned how to breath during singing and grasped many singing skills, got deeper understanding about Chinese culture. The “Tianrui Award” is their debut, they will attend the Zhejiang Student Art Festival in the later half of this year.