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Campus Life

CIE Leaders Visit Overseas Students Living Off Campus

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party on July 1, all the leaders of the College of International Education together with all the counselors from the Office of Student Affairs to visited and expressed their concern about the international students living off campus.

Dean Ye Miao and Party Secretary Lin Aiju of CIE each led a group to visit off-campus overseas students. At each off-campus student residence, Dean Ye Miao and Party Secretary Lin Aiju urged international students to strengthen their awareness for safety and to pay attention to fire prevention and guard against theft. They also urged students to do a good job in the normal fight against COVID-19, and they listened to the students talk about their studies, academic progress and living conditions. Dean Ye and Party Secretary Lin also asked overseas students to not make noises to disturb their neighbors, to not engage in business or missionary activities, and they encouraged them to study hard to improve their Chinese proficiency and deepen their understanding about China in order to become a messenger of friendship and exchange between China and foreign countries, to promote people-to-people communication, and they hoped they will learn self-management. They asked overseas students to talk to them whenever they came across any troubles or difficulties and CIE teachers and staff would try their best to help them.

Visiting international students living off-campus not only enhances the relationship between teachers and students, but also deepens CIE's understanding of the living and studying situation for students, and raises their safety awareness, which lays a foundation for further improving the regular education and management of international students in our university.