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Campus Life

The Fifth CIE Fun Sports Game

On the afternoon of November 10, the 5th CIE Fun Sports Games for teachers and students was held in the soccer field in the North Campus. It was participated by teachers of CIE, master of TCSOL and international students.

The game was divided into two categories: collective and individual games. The collective games are "caterpillar racing”, “wheel rolling”, “ping pong relay race”, and “tug of war". Since each group consists of more than one person, it requires highly cooperation to win those games. The fun sports game was pushed to its climax as students and teachers showed their skills trying to win. The individual games include “skipping for one minute”, “spot shooting” and so on.

Spot Shooting

Skipping and Caterpillar Racing

Wheel Rolling and Tug of War

The fun sports game came to a successful end to the accompaniment of cheering and laughing. The game has strengthened the relationship between teachers and students, enhanced the friendship between our Chinese and foreign students, and reflected the hope of integration and exchange between China and foreign countries; what’s more, it showed the sports spirit of unity and cooperation of our athletes; last but not least, it also embodied the beautiful qualities of the new era college students who are brave and tenacious, challenging themselves and surpassing themselves!