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Campus Life

WZU Held a Special Job Fair for International Students

On the afternoon of June 1, Wenzhou University(WZU) held the first internship and job fair especially for the 2022 graduating international students. More than 150 international students from over 70 countries, such as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Tanzania, participated. It was said that this job fair was also the first job fair targeting for international graduates all around Wenzhou City.

This job fair offered over 60 positions including sales persons, engineers, and teachers from 8 local corporates, such as Denggao Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhouyi Aluminum Co.,Ltd. and Wenzhou Semir United International School. The international students were excited and a little bit nervous. They walked around and talked to company human resources to know the basic situation of the companies, job settings, salary and benefits, and career development for employees. Later, the staff from Immigration Management Brigade of Public Security Bureau in Ouhai District explained in detail the policies of working visa and temporary visa, as well as the application process to the students who attended the job fair. The day was helpful for many graduating international students whom will be setting foot into society at the same time.

“I have worked for some trade company in my hometown before I came to WZU. And I have learnt a lot about business here in WZU as an international trade major, so I hope to find a job related to trade in China.” said Chengcheng, an international student from Yemen. He was grateful to WZU for holding this special job fair, enabling them to have a face-to-face communication with corporate HRs without going through a lot of troubles.

“Affected by the pandemic, we cannot enroll enough foreign teachers. Therefore, we are considering to recruit some eligible international students from WZU, which is close to our school.” said the HR director of Wenzhou Semir United International School. He had talked to many international students in the job fair and become friends with them in Wechat. He also invited those students to have a tour to his school and talk about future employment.

The manager of Denggao Electric, said they had employed one postgraduate majoring in computer science of WZU. And they hoped to continue to explore new methods of cooperation and achieve a win-win situation for school-enterprise cooperation with WZU.