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Campus Life

Our Teachers and Students Attending Wenzhou City’s Celebration Activity on the Dragon Boat Festival

On the afternoon of June 3, a celebration activity on the Dragon Boat Festival was successfully held at the square of Wenzhou Grand Theatre. Jointly sponsored by Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture Broadcasting and Tourism, Wenzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and Wenzhou Municipal People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, it was aimed at strengthening the friendship among foreign friends in Wenzhou and enabling foreign friends to experience the traditional culture of this coastal city of entrepreneurship and the historical origin dating back to Song Dynasty. 

Nearly 100 people attended the event, including foreign teachers from Wenzhou universities, foreign business executives, and participants of the public training program of the Chinese Language and Chinese Culture for the foreigns in Wenzhou. Our Dean Song Zhanmei, CPC CIE Committee Secretary Lin Aiju, Vice Dean Xiong Yong and teacher Huang Yalin were invited, as well as the representatives of our foreign students. 

At the square of Wenzhou Grand Theatre, we offered everyone special souvenirs prepared by our international students introducing famous places and customs of Wenzhou, as well as brochures promoting the international-oriented characteristics and the achievements of international education of our college.

This celebration activity was also an off-line cultural experience for participants of the public training program of the Chinese Language and Chinese Culture for the foreigners in Wenzhou. The participants of the public service class were very impressed by the intangible cultural heritage works and skills. Culture is colorful due to exchange and enriched by mutual learning. Dr. Ari from Japan said, “I see so many intangible heritage items at once and meet so many skilled craftsmen, and their works are wonderful! We really had an eye-opening day, we are tired and happy!”