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Student Stories

I Have an Appointment with My Alma Mater — 2021 WZU International Alumni Liaison Appointment & Alumni TalksMay 19, 2021, marked the 88th anniversary of Wenzhou University. To celebrate, CIE hosted the “2021 WZU International Alumni Liaison Appointment & A

     May 19, 2021, marked the 88th anniversary of Wenzhou University. To celebrate, CIE hosted the “2021 WZU International Alumni Liaison Appointment & Alumni Talks”, and invited international alumni Michael and graduating international students to talk about WZU and its future. Director of WZU Alumni and Development Liaison Office Chen Hongyi, Dean of CIE Ye Miao , Secretary of CPC CIE Committee Lin Aiju, and Vice Secretary of CPC CIE Committee Fang Jianxiao attended the event.

Dean Ye began by explaining the connotation of “Alumni Liaison” to international students. She said alumni liaisons are representatives of a university, through whom people could see the quality of the university. They are bridges between a university and society, even bridges between China and their home countries. Dean Ye hoped that our alumni could try their best to tell their stories of WZU to their family and friends and let them know what WZU is like, what Wenzhou or China is like, and thus make WZU better known to outsiders and bring prospective students. Since most present were graduating students, Dean Ye once again introduced WZU to them, with the hope that they could remember the alma mater’s entrustment.

    Chen Hongyi, the director of the WZU Alumni and Development Liaison Office, awarded international students representatives with Appointment Letters of International Alumni Liaison.

Lin Aiju, the Secretary of CPC CIE Committee, then distributed souvenirs, which included brochures of WZU and tickets to Wenzhou scenic spots, to international alumni liaisons, in hopes they could become more familiar with Wenzhou.

Excited and proud of their new identity, the international alumni liaisons happily spoke of their stories of WZU in Chinese. NGWA ROGER from Cameroon said,  Before I came to China, I thought Chinese people are all Kung Fu masters, so my very first objective in coming to China was to learn Kung Fu. Though I failed to realize my Kung Fu dream, I found that there are so many interesting things to learn, not only in school, but also outside school. I am drenched in Chinese culture. And our teachers are all very nice and patient, they care for every student. 

CHEN CATARINA from Portugal said, “ I am very grateful to the teachers of WZU. I’ve learned a lot here and I would introduce more friends to study here.”

JAMJAM SITTI FATMA BINTI from Malaysia said,  I like WZU very much. I have many plans and want to learn a lot more. My major is international trade. And I have made many friends from other countries here, so I think it is good for my future career development.

 TASSEW TEWODROS MEGABIAW from Ethiopia said, “ I only knew China from TV, and sometimes I had a misunderstanding about China. Now I know Chinese people are very nice and kind. They would like to make friends with people all over the world. In the future, I will tell my learning and living stories in WZU to my family and friends, trying my best to bring more students to WZU.”

SCANU VIVIANA from Italy said, “ My Chinese improved greatly since I came to WZU. Before I was like a frog in the bottom of a well, I knew nothing about other countries, but by studying here, I got to know more about the world. WZU has a good relationship with Italy, and Wenzhou is also a friend of Italy. In the future, I want to do something to bring WZU and Italy closer in trade.

    WZU international alumni and international student tutor Michael, also shared his learning and working experience at WZU. He encouraged international students to seize every opportunity WZU offers in order to make their dream come true. He also urged them to learn Chinese to improve their communicative capability and make their own contribution to WZU development while realizing their own dreams.

    In the end, with singing and laughing, a big cake with WZU-CIR Alumini Congress written was cut and shared by the people present.