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Student Stories

GOOD NEWS: Two International Students Won Prizes in the Short Video Competition— I Poetic and Picturesque Zhejiang

On June 21, Zhejiang Provincial Education Association for International Exchange released the list of winners of the short video competition—Poetic and Picturesque Zhejiang. Our international student Scanu Viviana(苏适安) won the Grand Prize for her video recording the beauty of Nanxijiang River, and there were only three Grand Prizes for all students in the province, Luhwago Joshua Charles(陆求是) won the Second Prize for his video sharing his experience of attending a Dragon Boat Race, and there were only ten students in the province that won a second prize.

Both of them spoke fluent Chinese in their videos introducing Nanxijiang River and Chinese Dragon Boat Race to the audience. Scanu Viviana (苏适安) is an Italian girl who is majoring in Curriculum and Education Methodology at Wenzhou University. To finish her master’s degree, she has been living here at Wenzhou University for three years. Being fascinated with local landscapes and cultures, she decided to make a video about Nanxijiang River. In the three-minute video, she showed the audience the beautiful nature scenery and elegant historical villages around the Nanxijiang River, as well as the leisure and slow life as the night fell. At the end of the video, she said that Nanxijiang River is her favorite place at Wenzhou, and she hopes you would find a chance to come here and feel its natural beauty and get to know its long history.

Luhwago Joshua Charles (陆求是) is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Technology. Though he came from Tanzania, he has a great love for Chinese culture. He recorded his experience in a Dragon Boat Race by shooting a short video. In the video, you could see him doing warming up exercises, practicing rowing a dragon boat with a life vest on and competing in a race with other international students. He said the appearance of a dragon boat and the race itself are a good example of the Chinese spirit of pioneering and solidarity in Chinese traditional cultures. He expressed his wish in joining a Dragon Boat Race again in the video.

I and Poetic and Picturesque Zhejiang—2021 Zhejiang Provincial Short Video Competition for International Students is held by Zhejiang Provincial Education Association for International Exchange. It is open for all international students of higher education in Zhejiang Province, helping them to learn about the Zhejiang landscape and its history, and it hopes they could introduce Zhejiang and tell Chinese stories to their friends and relatives. The spoken language required for the video is Chinese, and due to love for Chinese culture, the two international students have learned Chinese well, therefore they’ve performed well in their video and won the final prizes.