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Student Stories

The Employment Rate of International Students in Our University Hits a Record High

    With the graduation season approaching, some graduating international students go on further study, while some others go into the job market. In either way, they are entering the next stage of life's journey. This year, our international students have recorded the highest rate of further study and employment. Among all the graduating undergraduate and postgraduate students, 29 of them have received offers for further study or employment, accounting for 34% of the international students graduating in China this year (please refer to the attached list for details).
    Just to name a few. TEWODROS MEDABIAW TASSEW, majored in computer science and technology, was admitted to graduate school at Northwestern Polytechnic University and received a Chinese government scholarship; MNUNGULI ERICK THOMAS, a master student in mechanical engineering, was admitted to Chongqing University as a doctoral student; PHIRI MUBANGA, a civil engineering student, was admitted to Tianjin University and won a scholarship; ABDIMALIK MOHAMED HARIR and others were admitted to Jinan University for master's degree and won a scholarship; BANDA JOSHUA and others who majored in biotechnology were admitted to graduate school at Wenzhou Medical University and received full scholarships for their master's and doctoral degrees. Biotechnological student TAVIRA JENIFFER PRISCILA DA CUNHA and others got enrolled in language program at Nanjing Normal University and Zhejiang Foreign Language Institute, choosing to pursue Chinese language studies. Law student TAPFUMA MIRIRO PROUD and others decided to continue their studies at our university to pursue their master's degree. Master student SCANU VIVIANA, majored in Linguistics and Curriculum Theory of the School of Humanities, and others successfully found a job in Wenzhou.
    TEWODROS MEDABIAW TASSEW from Ethiopia feels sad to leave Wenzhou University, he said: “I am grateful to China and Wenzhou University for giving me the opportunity to study and enlarge my professional knowledge. It has become the place where my dream started and has given me good memories to face the difficulties in the future. I believe China is a good place to study and live, and I intend to become a messenger of friendly exchange between China and my home country in the future, helping both sides to achieve mutual benefits.”
    It is reported that the College of International Education (Overseas Students Education and Services) has constantly improved the education level and quality of international students in recent years while doing a good job in daily education and management, and will continue to cultivate excellent and friendly international students who understand and love China. The university will adhere to the tradition of “cultivating virtue and deep wisdom.” carrying forward the spirit of the school motto of “seeking knowledge and being the first.” sticking to put educational quality first, fully implementing the fundamental task of establishing moral education, and striving to cultivate high-quality skilled talents who are “practical, innovative, entrepreneurial, responsible and good at management.”