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Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Hong Li



Hong Li


Ph.D, Shandong University, 2015.

M.Sc, East China Normal University, 2005

B.Sc, Shandong University of Science and Technology, 1999

Professional Experiences

Oujiang Distinguished Professor, Wenzhou University, July 2020 to present

Visiting Scholar, University of Waterloo, August 2018 to August 2019

Associate Professor, Wenzhou University, December 2010 to present

Lecturer, Wenzhou University, October 2004 to November 2010

Assistant, Wenzhou University, July 1999 to September 2004

Research Interests

Computer simulation of complex system, Pattern Recognition, Machine learning

Projects and Supervisions

[1] Study on Phase Transition and Critical Phenomena of Polymer on Surface Adsorption based on Deep Learning, Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation (ly21a040001), 2021.01-2023.12.

[2] Pattern Recognition and Adsorption of Polymer on Patterning Surfaces, National Natural Science Foundation of China (11775161), 2018-2021

[3] Pattern Recognition and Adsorption of Biological macromolecules on Patterning surfaces, Zhejiang Province Natural Science Foundation (LY17A040007), 2017-2019

[4] Dynamics Simulation Study on the Critical Adsorption Phenomena of Polymer Chains on Surfaces, National Natural Science Foundation of China (11304231), 2014-2016

[5] Research on Growth Mechanism and Physical Properties of Magnetic Thin Film Systems on Heterogeneous Substrate, Zhejiang Province Natural Science Foundation (Y607142), 2008-2009

  • Hong Li, Qilong Zhai, and Jeff Z. Y. Chen, Neural-network-based multistate solver for a static Sch'dinger equation, Rev. A103, 032405, 2021

  • Li Hong, Ai Qian-Wen, Wang Peng-Jun, Gao He-Bei, Cui Yi, Luo Meng-Bo. Computer simulation of adsorption properties of polymer on surface under external driving force. Acta Physica Sinica, 67(16): 168201, 2018

  • Hong Li, Chang-Ji Qian, and Meng-Bo Luo, Critical adsorption of copolymer tethered on selective surfaces, The Journal of Chemical Physics,144, 164901, 2016

  • Hong Li, Bin Gong, Chang-Ji Qian, Meng-Bo Luo, Critical adsorption of a flexible polymer on a stripe-patterned surface, Soft Matter, 11, 3222-3231, 2015.

  • Hong Li, Chang-Ji Qian, Jian-Hua Huang and Meng-Bo Luo, Critical adsorption of an end-grafted diblock copolymer on a flat surface,Polymer Journal, 47, 53-58, 2015.

  • Hong Li, Bin Gong, Chang-Ji Qian, Chao-Yang Li, Jian-Hua Huang, Meng-Bo Luo, Simulation of conformational properties of end-grafted diblock copolymer, RSC Advances, 4, 27393, 2014.

  • Hong Li, Chang-Ji Qian, Chao Wang, Meng-Bo Luo, Critical adsorption of a flexible polymer confined between two parallel interacting surfaces, Physical Review E, 87, 012602, 2013.

  • Hong Li, Chang-Ji Qian, Li-Zhen Sun, Meng-Bo Luo, Simulation of a flexible polymer tethered to a flat adsorbing surface, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 124, 282, 2012. 

  • Hong Li, Chang-Ji Qian, Meng-Bo Luo, Simulation of a Flexible Polymer Confined between Two Parallel Surfaces, Polymers & Polymer Composites, 20, 2012, 107-110.

  • Hong Li, Chang-Ji Qian, Meng-Bo. Luo, Conformational properties of a polymer tethered to an interacting flat surface,Polymer J. 42, 383, 2010.

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