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"Journey to the Roots" Overseas Chinese Youth Summer Camp

In order to promote overseas Chinese teenagers understanding of progenitor,improve their interest in learning Chinese language and Chinese culture, since 1999, the overseas Chinese affairs office of the state council、China overseas exchanges co-held the "roots of China trip" series summer camp activities, the organizers invited thousands of overseas Chinese teenagers to an on-the-spot investigation in China every year. In order to meet the diversified demand of overseas Chinese teenagers, in recent years, the organizers also hold spring, autumn and winter camps according to the national holidays .Based on different requirement and backgrounds ,the organizers held a national dance, the martial arts, and other special camps and "foreign families to adopt Chinese children summer camp", etc.; In addition, the organizers carry out the "paradise" of Chinese culture for overseas to make Chinese teenagers get the Chinese culture in their local.

As an education bases of the overseas Chinese affairs office of the state council , Wenzhou university undertook "journey to the roots" overseas Chinese youth summer camp activities since 1999.In these years, thousands of people throughout Europe, Asia, America and other places attended this camp. Since 2008, International Of Cooperation College undertook this program .The rich and vivid teaching content, elaborate organization, received the high praise from the teenagers abroad and overseas Chinese school teachers and parents. Especially in 2012, the Chinese education base undertook "journey to the roots" outstanding youth camp for the first time .It is the first time oriented towards outstanding over 18years youth. The camp use“to find the hometown, to experience Wenzhou today "as theme, advocating multicultural fusion, has received the widespread attention and highly evaluation from all sectors of the community,a total of 65 young people from around the world attended the activity in Wenzhou.

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