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Living in Wenzhou

Wenzhou — Yongjia Kun Opera

It took quite a long period for the ancient people to absorb different vocal cavities and at last developed and improved the art of Kunqu Opera. As early as in the periods of the Song(960AD-1279AD) an......

Wenzhou Guci

Wenzhou Guci (Wenzhou Drumbeat Lyrics) is a distinctive folk singing tune popular in Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province and the adjacent areas. It is also called "Changci" (singing lyrics). As most of the a......

Jiangxinyu Island, Wenzhou

Cultural and historical attractions are everywhere on the island. The most renowned is the Jiangxin Temple, which was rebuilt in 1789 and encompasses approximately 2,870 square meters (1 acre). The te......

Wenzhou Yaoxi Scenic Spot

Yaoxi scenic spot is located in Yaoxi town of Longwang section Wenzhou city, belongs to Daluo Mountain, is a provincial scenic spot, the area is about 11.04 square kilometers, 16 kilometers far away f......

Wenzhou Yandang Mountain

Situated in Leqing City, Wenzhou in the southeast of Zhejiang Province, Yandang Mountain is one of the 10 famous mountains in China. Yandang Mountain is believed to be about 120 million years old. Ya......

Wenzhou Nanxi River

Nanxi River is famous for its clean water, rare rocks, waterfall, ancient villages and shoals. The main scenic spots of the Nanxi River area include the Baizhang Waterfall (bǎi zhàng pù 百丈瀑), the......


Wenzhou is located in the middle of China coast, the southeast of Zhejiang Province, between the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta economics zones, which are the economic, cultural and tra......

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