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Scholarship Related Affairs

温州大学2021年国际学生浙江省政府奖学金、学业奖学金、校长奖学金和部分奖学金名单公示 WZU’s 2021 Scholarship Review Result (Zhejiang Government Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship and Partial Scholarship) Notice on 2021-2022 Presidential and Partial Scholarship Review (For Year 2018&2019 Students)

VISA affairs

[04.26.2021]. Notice to students (in China) who will graduate this semester ​

School Fees Related Documents

​Notice on School Fees Payment of Academic Year 2021, Wenzhou University [Notice on January 9th] FAQ on 2021 School Fees Payment School Fees Payment Notice for Delayed Graduation in 2021 to pay school fees through alipay?Alipay Instruction:

Withdrawl from D area for students outside of China

If you want to withdraw or access your stuff in your room, you need to let your friend submit the authorization letter to Office 219 and your friend get a document to D2 105 to get your room key. For safety of your luggage, we suggest that you take it out of dormLetter of AuthorizationDate:    I     hereby     authorize     Mr./  Mrs.      (Passport NO:  ) majored in  (Student ID:  ) to collect......

Q&A about graduation for class 2022

Any questions about academic affairs, consult with your major collegeNon Criminal RecordQ1: Can I get a non criminal record directly from immigration office, which is critical for admission into Chinese master's degree or my future job in China?A: NO. Together with on campus record and passport, you can get a non criminal record from immigration station with on campus record. Conduct document ......

Electricity and Hot-water Card Top-up Service

「低电量房间通知The list for low electricity Room in D Area」 Rooms on the list must top up in case of running out of electricity. Details are on the notice board in the first floor of every building. Electricity top-up Office: D2 105 Office Hour: 9:00-11:30, 13:30~16:20,Monday to Signed by WZU's Overseas Accommodation Service Center of logistics company( D2......

WIFI service

WIFI ACCOUNT You need to activate your wifi account at China Unicom store and you need Wenzhou’s China Unicom SIM Card. only i-WZU works in Dorm.  If u have not opened the wifi account, go to business center China unicom store close to the ICBC bank for opening ur account and u need a package of phone plan , including wifi account.Location:​Cannot log in WIFI First of all, you need a China Un......

What if I lose a campus card

​Once you can not find back your campus card, just go to south campus, card center to get a new one in case that someone use your card to open your room for stealing your things. And during summer vocation, only Monday morning , there will be staff working for a short time.Therefore, if you dont have a card now, get a new one now. Location: South Campus, First floor, Campus Card WindowDocumen......

Insurance Policy& Medical Claim

1. Basic Policy (1) It's compulsory for students in China to pay insurance yearly(Only students who choose to study 6 months can apply for 6 months' insurance). For students outside China, do not need to pay insurance. 2. Medical Claim Please visit details about reimbursement process: or call the number 40081051193.Pay......

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